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The license key for my Norton Utilities 14.5 will no longer activate my copy of the program when I once again install the program on my computer rebuilt with a new hard-disk.

Bharath: You have purchased Norton utilities 14.5 which does not has support & its an older product.

Bharath: We support version 15 & 16 which provides excellent features.

Clint luckinbill: Norton Utilities has a perpetual license!

Bharath: Yes.

Bharath: If you install version 14.5, only limited features will work.

Bharath: But no support for this version.

Clint: I should be able to use the product until..... Symantec is out-of-business and turns off the "activation server".

Bharath: Yes. That true.

Clint: I don't want support. I have a licensed product and simply want to use it. Is the definition of support - "using the product"?

Bharath: But No product support for version 14.5.

Bharath: If you install version 14.5, only limited features will work.

I am told that Norton Utilities 14.5 is old enough that technical support is no longer offered. All versions of Norton Utilities will eventually not be supported. So eventually a perpetual license holder will not be able to excercise use of the license and thus the license is in reality not perpetual. Symantec has not spell this out and so is not honoring the perpetual licenses that it sells.

Clinton: Is my Norton Utilities 14.5 having a perpetual license?

Clinton: ???

Sivachandran K: Norton Utilities comes with perpetual license

Clinton: Does that mean that I am licensed to use the product for how long?

Sivachandran K: If the product is already activated, it will be working without any issues

Clinton: ??? I thought that would be an easy question to answer.

Sivachandran K: Since you are trying to activate it now, you are having this issue

Clinton: You will tell me how long I am licensed to used the product please.

Sivachandran K: There is no expiry for the product if its activated already.

Clinton: Is there a difference in installing/activating the product 3 years ago and then again installing on the same computer with a new hard-disk today?

Sivachandran K: I am sorry sir since its unsupported, I will not be able to assist you with this issue.

So Symantec will not terminate the use an installed copy of Norton Utilities after Symantec terminates product support. But, Symantec will not allow the software to be reinstalled if activation is required, like re-installing after rebuilding a computer with a new hard-disk.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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